Contributing Artists

Alphabetical by first name A - D

choreographer, circus acrobat, dancer, writer, storyteller and comedian

Actor Extraordinaire

Makeup Artists & Bodypainter

Actor, Director, & Educator

Choreographer & Dancer

Radio Journalist

Puppeteer & Performer

Diva of Drums

Comedian & Singer

Draq Queen, Singer, & Rapper

Designer, Educator, & Activist

Film & Theatre Actor

Playwright, Director, & Scholar

Violinist & Keyboard Player

Actor, Writer, & Director

Performance Artist, Actor, & Comedian

Makeup, Costume, & Performance Artist

Playwright & Librettist

Actor, Singer-Songwriter, Theatremaker, Performance Artist

Dirty Martini

Burlesque Dancer, Pin-Up Model, & Dance Teacher

Playwright & Producer

Contributing Artists

Alphabetical by first name E - L

Movement Artist, Performer, & Choreographer

Performance Maker

Trumpeter & Jazz Musician

Theatre & Opera Actor

Writer, Director, & Performer

Theatre & Screen Actor

Poet, Novelist, Playwright, & Multimedia Artist

Writer, filmmaker, theatre artist & activist | Singer

Director, Choregrapher, & Filmmaker

Theatre & Screen Actor

Director of Hybrid Performing Arts

Playwright, Screenwriter, & Librettist

Theatre & Screen Actor

Stage Director

Playwright & Multidisciplinary Artist

Playwright & Actor

Playwright & Director

Lucas Hnath


Playwright & Screenwriter

Contributing Artists

Alphabetical by first name M - Z

Costume & Performance Artist

Cellist, Singer, & Storyteller

Director & Actor

Actress & Poet

Choreographer, Composer, Performer, & Writer

Director, Choreographer, Actor, & Teacher

Director & Performance Artist


Writer, Director, & Actor

Playwright & Screenwriter

Writer & Director

Playwright & Author

Sharon Bridgforth

Performance Artist & Writer

Performer & Writer


Dancer & Artist | Composer & Performer

Playwright, Actor, Singer-Songwriter, & Performance Artist

Theatre & Screen Actor

Performance Artist

Theatre & Screen Actor

Writer, Interdisciplinary Artist, & Hoop Dancer

Director & Choreographer

Musician & Performer

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